Bobby Knight

Yesterday I photographed legendary former Indiana basketball Coach Bobby Knight. He was in town as the keynote speaker for the Indiana Dental Association's 150th annual convention. When he first entered the room I was setting up my lights. I was excited to see the coach who I grew up watching on television with my father but, when it came time to speaking with him about photographing him I felt incredibly intimidated for some reason. It may have had something to do with the added pressure put upon me by my husband. For years now Brent has been dragging an old 8x10 black and white photograph of Bobby Knight's 1985 chair throwing incident. This print has hung in his last 8 houses he has lived it. He was dying for me to have him sign it but Coach Knight looked like he was in no mood sign yet another autograph. As a professional though I approached the coach and went over what I needed to go over with him and then he was off to give his speech.

He spoke for about an hour and told a series of amusing jokes and stories which I thoroughly enjoyed. After he was finished speaking we moved into the V.I.P. area to take the photographs and do the autograph signing.

Coach Knight quickly turned into a warm and fuzzy guy as soon as the V.I.P.'s entered the room. He was patient and kind listening to all the fan's stories about their memories and the memorabilia they brought with them. When the pictures were finished I requested to be his last photo and had him sign Brent's beloved print. All and all it was a great experience and I was honored to be a part of it and to have the opportunity to meet such an great Indiana legend.

Senior Pics of Joe

Last weekend I photographed Joe, a senior about to graduate from Cathedral High School. Even though he ran in his track meet all day he was kind enough to humor his wonderful mom and come have his senior pictures taken. Joe had a big decision to make this week. He had to decide weather he would be attending I.U. or Purdue. I am sure where ever he goes he will do great things. Congratulations on graduating Joe and good luck with college!


Welcome Catherine Noel Costlow!!

Our good friends Heather and Mark welcomed home their brand new baby girl today. Catherine Noel Coslow was born 3 days ago at Clarian North in Carmel.  She is an absolutley beautiful baby.  This is Mark and Heather's first child but they have taken to parenthood like seasoned pros.  I want to thank them for allowing me photograph Catherine just hours after they got home from the hospital.  I feel very honored to photograph their first daughter in her very first days on this Earth and I can't wait to continue watching and photographing her as she grows!

                      CONGRATULATIONS MARK & HEATHER!


Sidney's Surgery

I just got back from the vet with my poor Pug Sidney. A few days ago he started projectile vomiting all over everything. The vet initially thought it was just a stomach ache from all the excitement of our weekend trip to the Pug Meet-Up but after a two days he still was not better so back to the vet we went. After a series of x-rays our wonderful vet Dr. Grosser informed me that he had eaten a unknown object and would need an expensive surgery to extract it. For most people this would be a scary process. Unfortunately for us this was the 3rd time we have been thru this surgery with our dogs. The last two times were with our Doberman though. When she was a puppy she ate a pair in underwear and then two months later ate a sock. Sid had eaten a piece of a toy we threw away 3 weeks ago. It apparently had been in his stomach ever since. Anyway, we are just happy to have him home and are doing our best to make him comfortable while he recovers.

The Mystery Object

Sienna is thinking "I am glad it wasn't me this time"