Lacey & Andy's Wedding

This was a wedding I have been excited for for over a year now. Lacey and Andy were married last weekend in Richmond, IN. Lacey and her mom put so much effort into the wedding and every detail turned out just beautiful. Despite thunderstorms during the actual ceremony by the time we left for the reception the sun had come out. At dinner I happened to take a closer look at the centerpieces and noticed goldfish swimming in the glass vases. It was one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. After the first dances I took the couple out to the golf course and we were able to get some truly amazing sunset shots. I think everyone wants beautiful sunset shots on their wedding days but only truly lucky ones have an amazing sunset opportunity like we had that evening. It has been such a fun year from their engagement pictures to their wedding day. I am going to miss working with this family. Congratulations Lacey & Andy!


The Henderson/Beatty/Walkup Family

A few weekends ago I photographed my parent's old neighbors.  This is just a small handful of what we shots we did this day.  Their family moved in across the street when I was only about 5 years old and I have gotten to know almost all of them over the years.  Everyone was in town for a wedding and we did family portraits the next day.  It was so amazing to see everyone so grown up.  We had 4 generations present and did every possible combination of sibling, couples, parents, cousins, kids and grandkids, dogs you name it!  I don't have a big family but I have always felt like a part of theirs and it was amazing to see all of them come together and document them where they are right now in their lives.  

Kristen & Chris's Wedding

Two weeks ago I photographed Kristen & Chris's wedding. They ceremony was held at Carmel Lutheran Church. This is one of my favorite churches to photograph in because the light is so soft and pretty. I loved how Kristen added a beautiful blue sash to her wedding dress. The reception was help at the Fountains in Carmel where guests dances the evening away. A highlight for me though was towards the end of the night a few of the groomsmen played and sang along to a drunken rendition of "Every Rose has it's Thorn" in the lobby of the Fountains. It was highly amusing. I hope Kristen & Chris are having an awesome time on their Mediterranean Cruise. Congratulations you two!

Jude Hamilton Mosey Arrives!

A few month ago I posted pregnancy pictures of Ted & Caroline Mosey. On June 4th Jude Hamilton Mosey was born. We went to Holcomb Gardens to photograph the new family. The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day. Jude is just a tiny sweet little thing. He was 5lbs 14oz at birth. Caroline is doing great and it is so nice to see how proud and happy she and Ted are with their new son. Congratulations Ted & Caroline!


Morgan & Corbyn's Wedding

Last weekend I photographed Morgan and Corbyn's wedding at a private residence in Zionsville. When I woke that morning it was dark and stormy out which worried me because the reception was supposed to be outdoors but amazingly enough by the time everyone left for the church the weather cleared up and the sun came out. The tent was decorated absolutely gorgeous from the fabulous cake to the paper lanterns to the beautiful table settings. I hope the couple has an amazing time on their New York City honeymoon!


Amazing Storm Skies!

Yesterday I was having a quiet evening at home resting up for my Saturday wedding and watching out the window as the storms rolled in.  As the sun began to set I looked outside and saw that the sky was the brightest shade of solid orange I have ever seen.  It was astonishing.  I grabbed my camera and wandered around my front yard shooting the changing light thru the trees as the sun went down.  My neighbors must have thought I was nuts walking around in the sprinkling rain in my pajamas but I am thrilled with the amazing shots I got.  I want to make a note that I didn't enhance these images one bit.  It truly was this vibrant.  Enjoy!


Ashley & Mason's Wedding

Two weekends ago I photographed Ashley & Mason's wedding in Mooresville, IN. This was a beautiful spring day. I absolutely loved the pink under the bridesmaids shoes and their cake was very stylish and fun! They held their reception at Heartland Crossing Country Club in Camby, IN. I especially liked photographing the bridal party on the front porch of the country club. Congratulations Ashley & Mason! I hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon!