Greener Photography

I was looking thru my old college friend Jason Frizzelle's blog this evening and came across a post about an organization called Greener Photography. I am really excited about joining this group. I have always tried to be environmentally conscious with my life as well as my business as far as using recycled folders for my prints and recycling everything in my studio down to the dozens of cardboard boxes I get from my lab and my album companies (which, by the way is a total pain after they pile up in my closet to haul them down a flight of stairs, load them in my car and take them to Broadripple Park). I am always looking for ways to improve even if they are just little changes and am excited about learning more. Anyway, I am happy to be a part of this new organization and also proud to say that I am the first member to join in Indiana! If you are interested please check them out at


Welcome Amelia Romeril!

Last week my oldest friend in the world gave birth to her first child Amelia! Lindsay and I have been friends since we were 6 years old. I spent the majority of my weekends and summers with her and her family when we were little so I was so honored and excited to meet her little girl. She is just beautiful. Lindsay has always been amazing when it comes to children so I know motherhood will come naturally to her. I am glad we got shots of the whole family when I was there including Tally the dog. I am so excited to watch Amelia get bigger! She is going to be a part of my "Watch Me Grow" program so stay tuned for future posts!


Ava & Calvin at Holcomb Gardens

Some of my favorite clients are repeat clients.  I photographed this family about a year ago for Ava's first birthday and when Claudine was pregnant with Calvin.  It was so awesome to see how Ava's grown and get to meet the newest member of the family.   What cuties they have turned out to be!  It was so good to see this family again.

Nicole & Jonathan's Wedding

A few weeks ago I had my double header finale of wedding season. The weekend kicked off with Nicole & Jon's wedding. They had a beautiful ceremony at Zionsville United Methodist Church which included bagpipes (my favorite) and a beautiful alter piece of flowers that all the guests contributed to before they were seated. After the ceremony I headed back to Marriott North for the reception. I shot a friend of theirs wedding at Marriott North last year and both couples and their friends were just a blast to work with. I was glad to be a part of another wedding with them. Thank you guys for having me and congratulations!


Madi & Mckenna's Portrait Session

Since wedding season has ended I am so excited to be able to put more energy on the portrait side of my business.  We shot this session at Holcomb gardens my new favorite fall location.  I had a lot of fun with this family. The girls Mckenna and Madi did so great.  They are both at an age where you never know what you are going to get but they were just awesome.  I am so glad we got to capture this beautiful day just before the weather turned! Looking out the window right now that may have been our last nice day for a while.  


Samantha & John's Wedding

A few weeks ago I photographed Samantha & John's wedding. The ceremony was held at St. Luke's United Methodist Church. I have done several weddings there in the chapel but never in the big sanctuary which is extremely gorgeous. After the ceremony the weather was warm enough that we were able to use the grounds of the church which had a lot to offer and then we headed to Marriott North for the reception. John and Samantha combined have 5 sisters. I really enjoyed working with the two families and I hope they keep me in mind for future weddings! Congratulations Samantha and John!


Pug Meet-Up Halloween Edition

I haven't had a personal blog in a while mainly because I haven't had much time for a personal life but last weekend I was off so I attended the monthly Indy Pug meet-up at Broadripple Park.  This month's meet-up was the costume contest.  I had a wedding last year and could not attend so I was super excited for it this year.  My pug Sidney a.k.a. The Monkey wore his spider costume.  Normally I am not one for putting clothes or costumes on my dog but I just couldn't resist.  Although he did not win the contest he had a great time and slept for the next two days straight.  If you know anyone who has a pug or just needs an amusing activity the first Saturday of every month check www.meetup.com for event information.