Laura & Chris's Engagement

Over the weekend I photographed Laura & Chris's engagement pictures. We started out in the studio and then headed downtown to the Canal. We didn't realize how crowded it would be with the new stadium tours going on that day but we were able to get some amazing shots around the canal and then get a few shots of Laura and Chris in their jerseys in front of the new stadium. They are such a easy couple to work with and I am getting really excited for their wedding in April.


Yoga Shots

This week I photographed a friend of ours and Yoga instructor for some new promotional material for her classes. Jen teaches Prenatal Yoga at Simply Yoga in Zionsville. She also has a date night scheduled at Peace Through Yoga, Eagle Creek on September 20th. She hopes to add children's Yoga classes in the future so her two beautiful girls came along for some of the shots. It is always amazing to see how much they have grown every time I see them. Jen is an amazing instructor (and Mom) so if you were thinking about taking up a new Yoga class I would highly reccomend her.


Molly & Tim's Wedding

On August 9th Molly & Tim were married. Their beautiful ceremony was held at Zionsville Presbyterian Church. After the ceremony we went down to the circle before we went into the Columbia Club for the reception. This couple, their family and their bridal party were so fun and easy to work with and it was a pleasure to be a part of their day. I will also be photographing Tim's sister's wedding next June and I am so excited to work with their family again next year.


Annie's Bridal Portrait

A few months ago I posted images from Annie & Chris's wedding. A few weeks after the wedding we went back and did a formal bridal portrait which was a treat for me because I haven't done one since I left the south 6 years ago. In the southern region of the country a bridal portrait is almost required for marriage but when I returned to Indiana I found that is was almost obsolete here. When we finished up the shoot I was packing up my lights and the bulldog decided to come lay on Annie's beautiful newly cleaned and pressed dress. I love that I was able to snap a few shots of Annie and the dog. Annie didn't mind one bit. She is so laid back and was just a joy to work with this day as well as her wedding day. We didn't have a chance to do engagement pictures before the wedding so we plan to to those soon as well. Stay tuned...

The Glow

For the second year and a row now my family has gone out to the State Fair Grounds the night before the fair starts to see "The Glow".  At dusk all of the balloons blow up completely and fire their burners and create a beautiful glow in the summer night sky. It is an amazing free Indiana summer tradition that I recommend to all ages.

Surprise 35 Anniversary Vow Renewal

This was an event I shot earlier this summer but had not had a chance to get it on the blog. I traveled to Bloomington for the Gail & David surprise 35th anniversary vow renewal at Deer Park Manor. Their children planned the event months in advance and getting them to come to Bloomington for a "photo shoot" was no easy task. When they arrived to a full blown reception though they were completely delighted and surprised. Their first wedding 35 years ago was at a just with their parents at the courthouse and they always regretted not having a full wedding. This time around though they were surrounded by friends, family, children and grandchildren as they renewed their vows to each other. It was really a touching to me. I am always there for the very start of peoples lives together but it was really wonderful to see a couple still together and in love after 35 years. I wish them many, many more!

Darlene & Jerry's Wedding

This wedding was a special wedding for me because my mother-in-law was the bride. She recently after several years began dating her old high school sweetheart and on July 25th they were married in a small ceremony at Rick's Boatyard Cafe. The weather was just perfect for the outdoor ceremony and it was so nice to be a part of such a happy occasion as well as getting to be a wedding guest for a change. All the men is Darlene's life played a part in walking her down the aisle from her 3 sons, to her brother and her dad. The whole family could not be more delighted in seeing who happy she is. We wish them the very best and gladly welcome Jerry to the family. Congratulations Dar & Jerry!

The Fabulous Corbin Boys
Parke, Brent (My Husband) & Wade


Jill & Eric's Wedding

Two weeks ago I photographed Jill & Eric's wedding. The ceremony was held at St. Alphonsus in Zionsville with the reception at the Indianapolis Art Museum. The pastor did an amazing job performing the mass. After the ceremony we headed to the IMA. The rain held off and allowed us to do several pictures on the grounds. The IMA hands down has the prettiest gardens in the city to photograph in and it is always a treat when I get to photograph there. The couple was headed to the Canary Islands for their honeymoon. I hope they had an amazing time. Congratulations Jill & Eric!

Catey's 3 Month Pictures

3 Months ago I posted pictures of newborn baby Catey. She is now 3 months old and we did her pictures over the weekend. We photographed her at her grandparents house and did tons of adorable outfits. Her parents are a part of my soon to be announced "Watch Me Grow" Plan. I am hoping to offer discounted portrait sessions for maternity, newborn, 3, 6, 9, months and one year old. It is a great way to document the full experience of how much your child grows throughout the year. Keep checking back to watch Catey grow throughout the year.