Indy 500!

I am really behind on posting this one but I had the privilege of being hired to do some promotional photography for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the Indy 500 this year. I was given full credentials to go anywhere and everywhere for Carb Day as well as Race day. I had not been to the track since I was little so seeing the race and the track from every single perspective was truly amazing. I was in the pits for the Pit Stop Challenge which was really exciting to watch up close but I do have to say that the highlight of the weekend for me was seeing Melora Hardin and Kate Flannery who play Jan and Meredith on The Office. I feel kind of bad about that being my highligh since I was at the greatest spectical in racing and I was more excited about the celebrities but it was an amazing experience that I was so thrilled to be a part of. I could not have had a better track experience even though I was working.


Angela & Bryan's Wedding

On June 13th I photographed Angela & Bryan's wedding. I originally met with Angela about the wedding and then later put together that I knew Bryan thru mutual friends in high school. This wedding was an absolutely gorgeous event. The pink colors Angela chose for the wedding just popped so beautifully. I especially loved shooting at Second Presbyterian Church again because that was the church where my parents were married 34 years ago. I am so glad they chose me to be a part of the wedding! Congratulations Angela & Bryan!


Welcome Hudson Leuer!

In early June Hudson Lauer was born. I came to the house a day after he was brought home. Hudson's parents have been trying to have a baby for a long time so I was thrilled when he finally arrived. Hudson's dad is a major Cubs fan so he was so excited to get him all decked out in his Cubs gear. I am glad we were able to incorporate Justin and Alicia's dogs in a few shots as well. They are going to do my "Watch Me Grow" plan so keep checking back to see Hudson grow over the next year!


Caron & Greg's Wedding, Sarasota, FL

I photographed Caron & Greg's wedding at the end of May in Sarasota, Florida at the Powel Crosley Estate.  This was such a special wedding because this was the exact location that I was married at in 2005.  Similar to my wedding is was a beautiful and very hot day.  Caron & Greg's friends were a blast and I was so happy to be a part of the wedding.  My husband's family has a home in Sarasota and I am hoping to branch out and offer my services to the central Florida area if anyone knows of someone in need of wedding or portrait photography.  My husband and I got to spend the 4th with Caron & Greg in Florida and we had an awesome time watching the fireworks together on the beach.  We are excited to have some new Florida friends and hope to see them next time we are down.  Congrats Caron and Greg!  

I am so behind on my blog right now so if I have photographed something for you lately I am not excluding you from the blog I promise!  I will get to it eventually.