Ann & David's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Ann & David's Wedding. I really liked this couple from the start. They were so fun and easy to work with I couldn't wait for their wedding. They were married at in my opinion one of the prettiest churches in the city. Trinity Episcopal Church on Meridian is one of my favorite churches to photograph in. The sanctuary is breathtaking and the gardens outside always provide such nice images. As a side note I could not get over how cute the 3 flower girls were. After the ceremony we headed to the Kendall Inn where tons of silly dancing ensued. A first for me though was when David and his friends did their very own dance to the B-52's "Rock Lobster". It ended with everyone flailing on the floor a few times. It was one of the most amusing things I have see on a dance floor in a while. I loved being a part of their wedding and had a great time. Ann & David, thank you for the laughs and congratulations!


Kristin & Mark's Wedding

A couple of weekends ago I photographed Kristin & Mark's wedding. The ceremony was held at Roberts Park United Methodist church downtown. After the ceremony we did some fun shots on the circle. Then we headed to Pipers on the south side for the reception. The reception was very intimate and sweet. The couple was headed to Niagra Falls for their honeymoon. I hope they had an amazing time. Congrats Mark & Kristin!


Mike & Nicole's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Mike & Nicole's wedding at Oak Hill Mansion. It was a gorgeous but hot day. The ceremony went off with a hitch and then it was on to the reception. I was highly impressed with the Ice Martini Bar they had for their guests. The dancing was just getting under way when a storm rolled in outside. The dance floor was packed when the power went out. It was a good thing Mike and Nicole went for candle lit center pieces because it was the only light left in the room. After Oak Hill called the power company and it was determined that the power would not be coming back on for some time all that was left to do was sign the marriage certificate which was done by candle light. Despite the wedding being cut short it was a extremely fun wedding and I hope it didn't ruin their memories too much. Congratulations Nicole & Mike!


The Beautiful Mason & Lucy

Last weekend I photographed sisters Mason & Lucy.  We did the shoot in their home and used one of the family's paintings as a background.  The painting was done by a talented local Indiana artist, Lois Templeton.  To see more of her work you can go to www.loistempleton.com. I love when I get a chance to get out of the studio and use the family's home environment.  I feel it gives the pictures a more personal touch.  These two sisters could not be more adorable.  I had a lot of fun with them and it was a joy to photograph them.