The Studio Cats

About 3 weeks ago I was in my studio working early in the morning and heard a yowling at my back door. At first I thought it was a cat downstairs at the Paw Patch. My space is over the recovery room and I often hear all kinds of animals so I just continued about my editing. The cat just seemed to get louder and louder though so I finally opened my back door and to my surprise there was a grayish adult female cat sitting there. The cat immediately came in the studio and began to rub against my legs. I am a total animal lover so I picked the cat up and looked her over. She had no collar but she had clean ears, no fleas and she was de-clawed. I took her down to the Paw Patch to see if they knew who she was but they had not seen her before. I told them I would hold on to her for a few days and see if someone came looking for her. I set her up with a litter box, food, water and a bed on my covered balcony outside. When I returned in the morning there were not one but two cats waiting for me. The second cat was a very fluffy male. They both came in the studio and made themselves at home. Both cats are well fed and taken care of so they obviously belonged to someone. Over the next few days the awesome staff at the Paw Patch gave the kitties vet exams. Susan the owner of City Dog Grocery donated food and my upstairs neighbor gave them another bed and feeds them when I am away from the studio. So even though we suspect these cats have good homes near by our little building community has adopted them as our own. They keep me company when I am working during the day and they are always happy to see me in the morning. It has been nice to have two buddys to hang out with especially since wedding season is in full swing and I am at the studio such long hours these days. I will keep you posted when I come up with better names other than their current names #1 & #2.


Annie & Chris's Wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being part of a truly elegant Indianapolis wedding. Annie & Chris were wed at Meridian Methodist, a beautiful church on Meridian Street that I love photographing in. The weather turned out absolutely gorgeous for the day. The reception was held at the Columbia Club on Monument Circle. Annie & Chris had not one but two bands for the evening. The Fabulous 40's played thru dinner and first dances and for the second half of the night one of my personal favorites Dave & Rae really got the guests going. I am usually too busy to have any dinner let alone cake but Gloria the event coordinator from Events By Design insisted I have a few bites. I have always been one to believe that cake is cake but I was proven wrong that evening. The cake was amazingly delicious. I would highly recommend Heavenly Sweets in Noblesville to anyone. Not only was it delicious but it was also beautifully done. Annie's father arranged for Annie & Chris to take a few laps around Monument Circle in the official 2008 Indy 500 pace car at the end of the night. Annie was absolutely exhausted by the end of the evening so the couple snuck out of their reception a little early. I hope they have an amazing time in St. Lucia! Congratulations Annie & Chris!


Ted & Caroline's Pregnancy

Last weekend I photographed my old high school friend Ted and his pregnant wife Caroline. They are expecting their first child in June and could not be more excited. They are going to wait to find out the sex of the baby so we all will just have to wait and see......


Jen & Brad's Wedding

Last night I photographed Jen & Brad's Thursday night wedding in Indianapolis. Their small intimate ceremony took place at Montage in the glass Chardonnay room. This was my first wedding at Montage and I was so thrilled with all of the outdoor portrait possibilities it offered. The two of them pulled off an amazing wedding especially after putting the whole thing together in just 8 weeks. Brad didn't take his eyes off Jen all evening. Their love for each other was completely apparent to everyone that was there to witness their union. I appreciate them including me in their day and I hope they have an amazing time on their honeymoon.